Club Events

Stag Parties and Other Events

At The Airport Stag & Event Centre you can bid farewell to the carefree life of bachelorhood with class and sophistication. Our club is the one-stop shop for stag parties, divorce parties, birthday parties, Jack and Jill’s and other momentous occasions. Celebrate life’s biggest moments with beautiful women and delicious Italian food.

The Airport Stag & Event Centre is a fully licensed establishment.

Event Setup

We can accommodate up to 500 people in our spacious club event centre or we can accommodate up to 200 people in our private exclusive event area. Free fundraising games and exciting raffle prizes await all the guests of the groom. On top of that, everyone gets to enjoy a banquet of Italian food as per your chosen menu. We also provide hostesses and stag ticket printing to help with fundraising.

Our club has 3 full-service PREMIUM  bars to accommodate any event. We also have a premium open bar that is exclusively used for stag parties. Our bars offer a variety of drinks, including the following:

  • Standard Bar Rail
  • Grey Goose
  • Hennessy
  • Johnnie Walker Blue
  • Cristal
  • Ace of Spades
  • Dom Perignon

Supplying 100% quality Molson Products: 

Domestic and Imported:

  • Coors Light
  • Molson Canadian
  • Moretti
  • Heineken
  • MGD
  • Molson Export
  • Coors Stubby
  • Dos Equis
  • Sol

Every life milestone deserves a high-end celebration.
Give us a call at 905-677-3798 to book an event or for questions on our pricing.