Stag Menu

Authentic Italian Cuisine

If you have a preference for Italian cuisine, you’ll surely love the food here at The Airport Stag & Event Centre in Mississauga, ON. Our menu features a variety of Italian-style dishes that are prepared by our experienced chefs.

Bruschetta with roasted tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, garlic and basil


Our bruschetta is a flavourful snack that will keep you coming back for more. Generously loaded with tomato and cheese, this dish has always been an Italian favourite.

Cold Cut

Assorted Cold Cuts

Have your fill of salami, bologna, ham, and other choice cold cuts. Every platter goes well with your preferred choice of drinks.

solid parmesan on wooden platter with olives and tomato isolated over white background

Cheese and Olive Platter

Do you want something light and tasty to munch on? Try our cheese and olive platter.

Penne pasta in tomato sauce with chicken, tomatoes decorated with parsley on a wooden table


Pasta has always been a staple in Italian cuisine. Grab a plate of penne pomodoro or tortellini alla panna.

Roasted whole chicken on a plate with vegetables

Meat Selections

Meat lovers will surely have a treat here in our club. You simply have to try our roast beef, rotisserie chicken, and roasted sausages.

salad with vegetables and greens

Vegetarian Options

We offer vegetarian-based dishes for our health-conscious clientele. Have a bowl of sautéed vegetables or healthy green salad.

salad with vegetables and greens


Turn your stag party into a mouthwatering celebration. You and your friends will surely enjoy feasting on a porchetta, a boneless pork roast.

The brilliant and elegant, very nice reception

Fruit Platter

Order a platter of fresh fruits to add to your meal or as snacks. Every bite is packed with nutrients and will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Enjoy delicious Italian cuisine here in our club. Call us today at 905-677-3798 for reservations.